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Rice Farm

20% ROI on Investment in 6 months


20% ROI on N255,000 Investment Per Acre
Own the land for additional N500,000 per Acre.
550 Acres – 425 acres still available

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Rice Investment Description

This new rice variety is being cultivated in south-west Nigeria, based on land suitability. Farro 44 has grown in popularity, not just because it taste great, it’s also good for your health, It’s packed full of fiber, protein, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. It is loved for its nutty flavour and unique, chewy texture.

Just one cup of whole grain farro can provide a whopping 20% of the daily recommended fiber intake. The health benefits of a high-fiber diet are not to be snubbed, these include a lower risk of developing type 2 diabetes and heart disease. This variety is low in calories but high in protein and fiber and also gives a healthier body weight.

Annually, Nigerians consume around 5.5 million tonnes of rice, of which 3.6 million tonnes are locally produced – mostly by farmers for personal consumption.

Rice provides 21% of global human per capita energy and 15% of per capita protein. Although rice protein ranks high in nutritional quality among cereals, protein content is modest. Rice also provides minerals, vitamins, and fiber, although all constituents except carbohydrates are reduced by milling


Details of the Investment amount;

1. Leasing of an Acre of Land by FGL

2. Mechanized clearing, ploughing and harrowing of the farmland

3. Setup and Management of Farm

4. Insurance of the farm after setup by FGL

5. Farm inputs including weed-control, fertilizer, repellent, high yield seedling

6. Cost of labour to work on the farm up till harvest stage.


Farm Location: Ijebu East, Ogun State

Farm Size: 500 Acres

Farm Visits: Investor can visit the farm anytime. Please call us or send a mail to with the subject “Farm visit” Farm Manager would be duly informed.