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Dry Maize Per Tonne

This price is per tonne and transportation cost not inclusive.


Own the land for additional 499,000 naira. We have other location that are cheaper. Just call to enquire.



Maize from Our Farm
Maize production in West and Central Africa is set to get a much-needed boost with the new farm management techniques. Forever Gardens has developed solutions to address many of the major constraints to maize production such as drought, low soil fertility, pests, diseases, and parasitic weeds.

Our maize are harvested as soon as ripe for the purpose of dryness, undue delay in harvesting increases damage due to diseases and pests.

Things to Note before Buying;
1. 1000 kg of dry maize is equal to 1 tonne of maize.
2. We encourage payment of funds directly to our account.
3. These are not GMO seedling but improved hybrid seed of Yellow and white colors.
4. Cost of transportation is not inclusive.


Plantain Farm Location: Isiun and Kobape, Along Shagamu Abeokuta Road
Pickup Option: Once payment is confirmed in our account. The order would be processed and Farm Manager contact details would be shared with the customer for pick up option at our farm. However, if you prefer that we should deliver the maize. Please  send a mail to mpfp@forevergardensng.com to confirm the availability/cost of transport.