Casava Farm

20% ROI on Investment in 12months


35% ROI on N205,000 Investment Per Acre
Own the land for additional N1,000,000 per Acre.
130 Acres – 125 acres still available

124 in stock



Cassava Investment Description

Cassava is among the largest sources of carbohydrate and a good source of vitamin C and it leaves are widely used in some West Africa countries to treat headache and other minor pain. Cassava is popularly known when processed as cassava flour (also known as garri in Nigeria) and there is now a growing commercial market for it locally and abroad.
You do not need to go through the ordeal of farming cassava rather invest in the managed cassava project and 20% ROI on your investment.

After subscription we enable users to see their farm activities log.


Details of the Investment amount;
1 Leasing of an Acre of Land by FGL
2. Mechanized clearing, ploughing and harrowing of the farmland
3. Setup and Management of Farm
4. Insurance of the farm after setup by FGL
5.  Farm inputs including weed-control, fertilizer, high yield seedling by HarvestPlus
6. Cost of labour to work on the farm up till harvest stage.

Farm Location:
Farm Size:  500 Acres
Farm Visits: Investor can visit the farm anytime. Please call us or send a mail to with the subject “Farm visit” Farm Manager would be duly informed.


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