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Our Mission

Food and Crop Processing
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Food distribution hub

Food Processing

  • Forg Chips
    Made from freshly harvested plantain, the best thoroughly processed plantain chips you can find in the city.
  • Plantain Flour
    Made from dried plantain, the finest plaintain flour suitable for consumption.
  • Propagator
    Readily Available for the maintainance of a warm and damp environment for seeds and SUCKERS to grow in.
  • Poly Solar
    Readily available for the drying of plantain.

Food Distribution Hub and Cluster

Our food hub is a part of the agricultural value chain model and  shares a common value relating to conservation, sustainability, healthy food access, and supporting local farmers. A defining characteristic of our food hub is source identification, a food safety and marketing benefit that allows consumers to trace the origin of products they buy. One of our primary goals as a  food hub is to give small and medium-sized farmers access to larger or additional markets. Our food hub also fill gaps in food systems infrastructure, such as transportation, product storage, and product processing.

Mushroom and Snail production Unit

Mushroom production unit

We are a leading cultivator of various species of Mushrooms ranging from the Pleurotus ostreatus var. florida to the  Pleurotus sajo caju. The global market for edible mushrooms has increased in recent decades and the marketplace has embraced an ever broader range of cultivated species. Also available for sales spawn(mushroom seeds). The edible mushroom Lentinus edodes (shiitake) can be cultured in a solid medium and readily available with us and its extract is made commercially available from our farms as a nutritional supplement.

Snail production unit

Our Heliciculture (snail farming) is top notch, perhaps the best know in Perhaps in edible land snail species are a huge part of the diet in many parts of Africa, although they are not  available all year round. Their high protein, low fat and cholesterol content make them a nutritional favorite. Snail has a huge demand in the market of Nigeria for it’s unique taste and nutrition value. Snails also has a huge global popularity. Our environment is suitable for rearing and since soil is their natural habitat,  the natural components needed for their survival is readily available

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