Precautions to take on farm

Precautions to take on Farm.

 Farm Houses and Grounds

  • Carry out a safety routine check of farm house and grounds for obvious fire hazards and hazardous materials.

Image: farm house

  • Store farm chemicals securely where kids and animals can’t access them.
  • Make a list of the chemicals for fire fighters in case of fire accident on your property.
  • Keep weeds and grasses trimmed to reduce the presence of snakes and dangerous animals.
  • Keep and store farming tools out of the way.
  • Establish a safety boundary around gas and diesel fuel tanks and other flammable substances.
  • There should be proper signage on the farm.

Image: signage on the farm

 Personal Farm Safety

  • Don’t wear loose clothing around equipment and work areas.
  • Use equipments according to manufacturer’s instruction.
  • Ensure to wear gloves, hearing protection and safety eyewear, face masks and respirators when working in dusty conditions as well as farm boots.
  • Always have a helper nearby when entering grain bins, breeding pens or other high-risk areas
  • Train your staff on safety and precaution measures.

Tractors and Implements

  • Ensure you buckle your seat belt when necessary.
  • Ensure you shield all PTO-powered equipment drive shafts, and keep kids at a distance from them.
  • Never start or run gas or diesel engines in an enclosed area without being assured of good ventilation.
  • Ensure there is proper safety equipment such as fire extinguishers and first aid kits.
  • Do not exit a carrier, tractor or truck without placing it in park or engaging the emergency brakes.
  • Do not leave running power equipment unattended.
  • Routine check and maintenance of equipments, especially and electrical cables showing cracks or other signs of wear and hydraulic hoses.


 Image: equipment storage

 Livestock Section

  • Ensure animals are kept in good health. An animal in pain and discomfort can react aggressively and so should be promptly attended to.
  • Keep their eating environment clean to avoid disease outbreak.
  • Isolate the sick ones so as not to infect the others.
  • Take extra care with farm animals at breeding and birthing.