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Who we are

Forever Gardens is an agro-tech company in Nigeria that provides fresh agricultural produce to customers and services to farmers. We have developed a business model that allows investors to participate in our farm projects and generate better returns on investment on both short and long term basis.

Investing in Forever Gardens

Our farm estate initiative is a managed farming project which is on over 1500 acres of different schemes across Lagos and Ogun state, this allows subscribers to buy or lease farmland with a guarantee return on investment within a short time. The project includes Crop farming, Nursery Hub, Input supply market, Residential Area, Livestock Farming, Food Processing Hub, Food Market Hub, Agric Business Training Center on a large scale.

High Yield Agro-Investment
Farmers/Investors can get maximum return on their agro investment with our product offerings. FGL handles end to end management of the farm end to end while the investor monitors.
Building Farm Estates
We are building large farm to encourage more Nigerians through private and cooperative association partnership to go into agriculture in the following area: Crop farming, Nursery Hub, Input supply market, Livestock Farming, Food Processing Hub, Food Market Hub, Agric Business Training.
Onestop shop for farm inputs, hybrid seedlings and food produce from FGL and our partners. We sell at competitive price compared to the prices in major farm markets.
Guidance for Farmers
Farm management is a big issue, we organize training periodically for farm managers and prospective agro-prenuers. Also provide consulting services for farmers in their early career days.

Our services

Sales of Farm Inputs
We sell farm inputs such as SEEDS, CHEMICALS and FERTILIZERS and pricing is based on customer request.
Farm setup and management
We do setting up and management of farms as a service as low as N20,000 per acre.
Farm Visitation/ Soil Analysis
We render the services of Farm Visistation and also conduct Soil analysis for as low as N40,000 depending on the location.
We also conduct TIMC training For free and our farm management Training goes for N50,000 per session.


From our Farm Estate
Sales of Fresh Plantain
As low as N8500 per dozen
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Sales of dried plantain for flour
N600 per kg
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Sales of Organic Plantain suckers
N100 per sucker
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  • Out Of Stock!

    Rice Farm

    20% ROI on Investment in 6 months

  • Casava Farm

    20% ROI on Investment in 12months

  • Maize Farm

    20% ROI on Investment in 9 Months

  • Plantain Farm

    30% ROI on Investment in 12months

What people say about us
Thank you for the updates. I'm really impressed with the progress and the show of accountability.
Thanks for the progress report, it is timely.
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Our contacts

  • No. 64 Adeniyi Jones, Ikeja, Lagos.
  • + 234 807 6520 000 (8am - 7pm Weekdays)
  • +234 905 2222 022 (7pm - 8am Weekdays & Weekends)

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